Ramos Bros

History of Berny Ramos Productions and the Ramos Bros. Circus



The Ramos Brothers Circus has a long family history that spans generations, and the family has overcome many obstacles to work and stay together even to this day.


Although the Ramos family found themselves working as acrobats in the circus in 1902, as documented in vintage signage from that epoch, an older record from the historical archives indicate they had their own business, the Ramos Colorado family presenting Circus Mignon in 1915 in Mexico City. This first generation of circus artists was composed of Juan, Isabel, and Manuel Ramos, but the second generation comprised the descendents of Manuel, who had seven sons: Ignacio, Andres, Pascual, Albino, Manuel, Antonio, and Gabino Ramos Pinedo.


The Ramos family was best known in the artistic world as the Rodogel Brothers, and many think that this was their stage name, but the real reason they adopted this name came when they were working with their show in Matehuala Mexico. Albino, one of the seven sons of Manuel Ramos, was captivated with a young Tamazunchale girl. Unfortunately, she was already promised to a general, and the affair created a situation that would hound the family throughout the nineteen thirties. Blinded by rage at his cuckolding, the general
ordered the arrest of his betrothed’s new lover.


Albino was thrown into prison. At that time he had mastered the highwire with his superb balance, and realizing that his situation was dire, he decided to utilize his performance skill to secure his liberty. It did not take long for him to ascertain that his jail had an aerial cable crossing the prison horizontally, which descended to the ground outside the confines of the prison. By preparing scraps of leather for his final descent to the ground by hand, he readied his escape. As soon as the opportunity arose he crossed the high wire and descended outside the jail, escaping to the circus and inciting his entire family to escape from the dreadful village of Huasteca.


Knowing that the General would not be deterred so easily, they traveled a twisted road with the help of friends they had made on their way to Mexico City. Their escape seemed to be from a movie, for they knew that the General would leave no stone unturned in his quest for revenge on Albino. To begin their new life, they found work with a new circus and changed their name to the Rodogel Family. Thus, the name of the Rodogel Family was born.


Working for a famous circus, Andres, Gabino, and Antonio executed a gymnastic act with bars, while Ignacio, Pascaul, Manuel, and Albino performed a teeter board act, for which
they were recognized in the circus world. In the nineteen fifties, the Ramos family reopened their own show under the name Circus of Death. Why did they choose that fatal name for their circus? It was one of the last shows in Mexico that presented the combat to the death between an African Lion and a Bull of the field in every show, before the authorities in the northern states of the Republic prohibited these types of exhibitions. Circus of Death disappeared in 1970, but the descendents of the second generation continued as circus performers, and they even opened a small circus where the following generation, Bernardo, Alejandro, and Eduardo Ramos (the sons of Antonio), continued the legacy of the circus with the flying trapeze. They were later joined by the children of Bernardo: Douglas, Oliver and Jessica. In addition to the trapeze, the family featured a perch pole act, juggling, a specialty Aztec Warrior strap act, and many other circus entertainments.


In the year 1983 the Ramos family entered the United States working for Carson and Barnes Circus with their spectacular trapeze act. With this exhibit they traveled to many countries such as Germany, Switzerland, and Austria with Circus Louis Knie; Sweden, Norway, and Holland, with Circus Scott; Spain with Circus Mundial; Canada and the U.S. with Circus Gatti, and finally working in Circus Circus Casino in Las Vegas. They also performed in Grenoble, France and the Monte Carlo Festival to receive recognition for their brilliant trapeze act. They were the only act to include three catchers, the black light, and the Russian swing, differing from the classic trapeze that had only one catcher, bringing a different aesthetic perspective to their act.


This is how the Ramos Rodogel family has gained worldwide recognition.


In December of 2005 they decided to open their own circus in the United States west coast under title Ramos Brothers Circus, bringing a first class show as only they know how to, with jugglers, clowns, horses, motorcycle dare devils, and the amazing flying trapeze. This two hour live performance filled with thrills and excitement will have you on the edge of your seat.


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